Art & Entertainment

Our properties are designed with pleasure in mind; therefore, we are well set up to host a variety of events, such as a musical performance, fashion show or small concert – to name a few. Our connected concierge and staff will assist you in cooperating with local suppliers and providers as well as navigating any regulations and license requirements.

Paradise Estate prides itself on being a part of Mykonos community, therefore any event will be organised with absolute respect and cooperation with local authorities. So we ask guests to communicate with us at least 6 weeks prior to arrival should you be planning a private party or event.

Contact us for more information on larger scale events and DJ led parties.

Illumina tribe is a trailblazing coterie of creatives, entrepreneurs and go-getters working towards a common goal and vision. The special energy and light of Mykonos provides the perfect backdrop for their annual week-long retreat – where hedonistic pleasure, wellness practices, discussion and connection has helped create an international family that embodies the spirit of our island and Pardaise Estate.